Five Tips for your Mother’s Day Portrait: The Real Deal is Love

While I appreciate all of the portrait photography tips online regarding clothing and posing, I would like to shift your focus to what I consider to be the most important ingredient of a great portrait – LOVE.

I’ve been photographing families in the DC area for over 10 years, and without a doubt, the images my clients cherish most are the portraits that show love, connection and authenticity. Here are five tips to help you achieve this in your Mother’s Day portrait.

  1. BREATHE. When posing for a portrait or when feeling anxious about how you look, it’s very common to hold your breath. If you can come back to relaxed breathing, you’ll immediately feel your energy relax. As a result, you’ll look much more natural in your portrait and feel better too. All of my clients have heard me say at least once, “let’s take a few deep breaths here”.
  2. FOCUS. When you focus on the LOVE you have for your family, it will come through in your portrait. Try not to focus on whether your little ones are listening to the photographer (or you) for that matter. You have a limited amount of time to be in front of the camera, so you’ll want to be sure that your love will be front and center. If not, you’ll be really disappointed that you look frustrated in all the pics (even if your daughter is smiling right at the camera).
  3. LET IT GO. Okay, I realize this is much easier said than done. Because you have hired a professional photographer – you can essentially put your family in our hands for the hour and trust that we’ll deliver the images you hired us to create.
  4. EMBRACE THE CRAZY. This goes without saying as a parent, but sometimes you have to embrace the crazy. Some portrait sessions can get a bit wild, high energy and chaotic (depending on the age of your children). Again, trust your photographer to plan the session to meet your expectations.
  5. CHERISH AUTHENTICITY. You can do everything “right” such as dress well or tell the kids they will be rewarded for good behavior after the session, but in the end little Johnny might end up running in circles around you rather than participate in the session. If you had a really fun portrait experience and each of your children got to show their little personalities – I guarantee you will be happy with your authentic family portrait.

I wish you all a lovely Mother’s Day and a happy portrait experience. I look forward to photographing your family soon.

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    Mother’s Day Portrait, Portrait Photographer Northern Virginia, Julie McCarter, Shoot Photo Inc.