Bridle Paths: Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies

I had the pleasure of spending some time at the amazing non-profit, Bridle Paths in Leesburg, VA. They were hosting students from The Auburn School and I got to photograph the students’ faces light up while grooming the horses. Bridle Path offers educational opportunities like this, as well as therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapy. Katie Fallon and her staff have created a very…

Five Tips for your Mother’s Day Portrait: The Real Deal is Love

While I appreciate all of the portrait photography tips online regarding clothing and posing, I would like to shift your focus to what I consider to be the most important ingredient of a great portrait – LOVE. I’ve been photographing families in the DC area for over 10 years, and without a doubt, the images my clients cherish most are the portraits that show love, connection…

Sweet sisters… love ’em.

I so enjoyed photographing these sweet sisters! My sister and I were just about the same age difference as these girls and it brought back great memories of being totally “goofy” with my sis way back when.  Great Falls National Park in Potomac, MD was the perfect portrait location too.

Photographing Ride-on Ranch

I so enjoyed photographing the lovely ladies who make great things happen at Ride-on Ranch, an equine assisted therapy non-profit located in beautiful Western Loudoun County.  Their mission is to provide therapy to as many people as possible with cognitive, physical and psychological disability by building social, physical and emotional skills through the use of therapeutic horse back riding and other equine=assisted activities.

Sweet Siblings

These two cutie pies were such as blast to photograph…I just love capturing the love between sweet siblings.  They made each other laugh at the drop of a hat and showed each other such genuine affection.

Lovely day for a family portrait at our garden studio in Leesburg, VA.

This is the time of year I most enjoy our garden studio space… lovely weather, beautiful light and lots of gorgeous green. My job is made way too easy with this natural setting and a precious family like this one. You could search all over Northern Virginia looking for the perfect location for your family portrait or you could just book a session at our garden studio in Leesburg, VA.

Senior Portraits

These lovely twins are off to college…Charlotte in Hawaii and Spencer in Japan!  I know they will both do wonderful things in this world.  Such a pleasure to photograph them.

Washingtonian Mom Magazine

I’m so delighted to see my work in print in the latest issue of Washingtonian Mom Magazine. I had the honor of photographing the fabulous Catherine Merrill Williams (President and Publisher) and Kate Bennett (Editor-in-Chief), along with their cute kiddos. We could title these portraits laughter and love – two of my favorite photographic ingredients. Be sure to pick up the summer issue, which is full of…

Top 5 Photography Tips for Moms

ONE: Whatever you do, don’t say “smile”! That’s right, just make your little ones laugh by being silly or joking around. I know you are invested in getting the “right” look from your child, but authentic laughter will make the best photographs every single time. On top of that, you’ll create fun memories of taking family photographs – not the painful fake-smile kind of memories. TWO:…